NAOT offers a unique combination of comfort, quality and style. NAOTs feature a unique high tech anatomical footpad, made of natural substances (cork and latex) of the highest quality, from Europe's finest manufacturers.

The footpad is a "negative" print of the foot, just like the footprint we leave when walking in the sand. It is flexible, soft, shock absorbent, supports the heel and alleviates tiredness and pain. For those who need to wear their orthotics at all times, a wide selection of the NAOT styles feature a removable innersole, allowing for the easy use of custom made orthotics.

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NAOT Footwear is highly durable thanks to the use of materials of the highest quality and strict quality control. The materials have been specially developed and adapted to withstand the conditions of varying climates and environments around the world. The upper is made of fine natural Italian leather that breathes and keeps the foot fresh. The sole is constructed of high-quality rubber, polyurethane and latex that retain flexibility and are highly resistant to erosion.

Each year our seasonal ranges feature a rich variety of shoes, boots and sandals for men and women. Our colourful footwear range is designed in line with the latest world fashion trends. Naot shoes and sandals come in a variety of Collections, each of which is designed on a different "last", therefore catering for all foot shapes as well as heel height and style preferences. Each season features a new range of fun colours and interesting textures and designs, keeping the Naot collection fresh and exciting!